Discussion Overview

This discussion allows students to critically reflect on their computing practices and learn more about how companies make money through sharing user data for advertising.

Driving Questions:

  • Is any electronic communication truly private?
  • What are some of your concerns about social media and privacy?
  • How do you determine what’s appropriate to share and where?
  • What is the purpose of maintaining profiles on people?
  • What kind of information might be useful for an advertiser, for that matter, to know?
  • Would you consider your data profile a virtual identity?
  • Should people always have access to this type of information on themselves? Should people have to consent to have this data sold? Is it important for it to be accurate? Why?
  • Discussion Instructions

    1. Either assign students homework to read the following articles prior to the workshop, or designate time prior to the discussions to collectively read them together:
    2. Use the driving questions to guide and focus the discussions, either as a large group or in facilitated smaller groups with a large-group recap.